Year One

Ramona, 18, Melbourne.
In my first year of a Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College. This is a mix of my personal photography and class work.

Mum, 2013

An assignment for Creative Industries, aiming to create a mood and show an intention through body language, and lighting, respectively. From this I concluded that it is natural for people to read body language in a portrait, whether it is the intended focus or not. Lighting also has a powerful effect on images, be it dramatic or subtle. 

"get well soon"

iphone photos: late August

Monkey, Bali 2013
Tanah Lot Rockpools, Bali 2013. 
Offerings, Bali 2013
In Balinese Hinduism, offerings for bad spirits are placed on the ground outside of buildings, whilst offerings for good spirits are placed inside and outside on surfaces and small temples. Every building, establishment and home has its own temple.
Busker, Bali 2013
Night Boats, Bali 2013

Balinese Graveyard,2013

A graveyard in a sacred forest in Ubud. The forest contains two beautiful temples and is home to hundreds of monkeys, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Bali, 2013

Billy, 2013

Semester One photo essay. This is my brother, Billy. He is 15 years old and has autism spectrum disorder. He loves music, water and experimenting with different textures & tastes. Billy is non-verbal and communicates with a speech program on his iPad - yet he manages to have the cheekiest sense of humour I know. I think he comprehends a lot more than we realize; perhaps just in a different way to you and I. Photographing Billy has made me want more than ever to know the thoughts behind the curious expressions I’ve captured.